Shear variability

By means of our specially developed homogenisers with several patents, we are able to apply shearing intensity in a targeted way. By switching between the two modes homogenising or pumping, the intensity can be selected. The desired particle size is defined by setting the speed and the time. The huge bandwidth allows almost unlimited applications from the pump mode with low shear and high throughput to extremely intensive shearing for a nano-emulsion.

A reference emulsion was used for testing different homogenisers. The most important criteria are the control and reproducibility of the process, the large bandwidth of shear intensity and the smallest possible particle size. The results clearly show the huge number of options for application. 

Comparative Studies

When running in the clockwise direction (homogeniser mode), our homogeniser allows, by means of the speed control, a targeted emulsifying intensity to be applied, and when running in the counterclockwise direction (pump mode) it allows the non-destructive pumping of the product for mixing-in sensitive materials and use as a CIP pump.

Example: Emulsion with spherical pigments

Intelligent and efficient means: 

  • Pump mode with reduced energy supply and uniform dispersion
  • Extremely simple mechanical structure, therefore low-maintenance
  • Very low energy consumption for maximum emulsifying intensity and shearing variability.

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