PromasCS modular production management system for the automation of the manufacture, weighing, metering, material management, ordering and batch planning.

Proma CS Anwendungsbeispielproma CSproma CS Übersicht

The PromaCS system as it is today was developed consistently for more than 15 years. The main features of the system: its standard, intuitive operation and the greatest-possible performance capabilities have been maintained in spite of the steadily increasing complexity of the system. Without any programming skills and after only a short briefing, users are able to produce fully valid processes, procedures and production and cleaning formulas.

In addition to the conventional machine and plant construction, BECOMIX, with its highly qualified partner RWH, has software solutions available for the controlling of individual production mixers or for the complete integration of entire production areas. 

The software solution is also designed for pharmaceutical processes and is validated in accordance with FDA 21 CFR part 11. For pharmaceutical installations, the corresponding documentation, DQ, HDS, SDS, IQ, OQ is available.

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